Magic links

What is a magic link?

It is a URL that points to a contact form dealing with a specific legal issue or need.

Example of a magic link:

We can observe that this link points to a lawyer’s site and to a form with the number 532. This form covers the topic “I want a divorce”.

In our database, there are thousands of legal issues or needs. Hence, there are just as many magic links as there are legal issues or needs.

What are the possible uses of magic links?

Lawyers have the possibility to send a magic link to their clients.

Your magic links can therefore be communicated to your client:

  1. Through an email.
    It is enough to paste the magic link in the email you are writing to your client.
  2. Through a blog post.
    If you have a website for which you write news or blog articles,you just need to paste the magic link at the end of the blog article or news. You invite the reader to contact you via the contact form.
  3. Through a post on social networks.
    You just need to paste the magic link in the post you are about to publish.
  4. In your LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook bibliography.
  5. Through a physical medium.
    You can place a QR code on a physical medium like your business card. Your client scans the QR code and is redirected to the contact form.
    Symplicy can create your QR code. If you wish to receive your QR code, we invite you to complete this form:
  6. Through WhatsApp or a text message.
    It is enough to paste the magic link in the message you are writing to your client.

What are the steps to generate a magic link?

  1. Go to your website.
  2. Click on the button that triggers the Symplicy contact form.
  3. Express the legal issue or need in the search bar.
    Form with issue
  4. Select the legal case from the list.
  5. Click on the share icon.
    This is an icon in the form of a paperclip. The magic link is copied to the memory of your computer or mobile.
    share link
  6. Paste the link in a text area.
    You can paste the magic link in an email, in a text message, in a blog article, etc.
    On Windows, press Ctrl+V to paste the magic link.
    On Mac, press the Command + V keys