Case studies

Web agencies or service providers responsible for integrating the Symplicy intelligent contact form onto a lawyer’s website must follow these recommendations.


The tool is intended to replace all classical means of contact such as forms. Access to our tool must be done exclusively through a contact button. This button should be the most prominent means of contact on the site. Therefore, it should be a level 1 element corresponding to the existing style of the website.

However, a general contact email address that directs to a secretariat in the form of a link or telephone numbers can still be present on the site.

Beyond these examples, no other digital contact method can coexist with our tool to ensure a good conversion and user experience for visitors.

It will be the responsibility of the agency to integrate this button in the best possible way in terms of user experience and client conversion.

Different scenarios

A contact button directing to a form already exists in the site’s navigation.

This contact button should simply redirect and call our intelligent contact tool. The form as it exists today on the site should no longer appear. We invite you to review the technical documentation available by following this link.


A button or link directing to a deep Contact page containing multiple information such as phone numbers, an address, a form , etc. already exists in the site’s navigation.

This button or link can remain in place and direct to a deep page provided that the information on this page is restructured to highlight our intelligent contact form.


A button inviting the user to contact the lawyer is present at various strategic points on the site.

Depending on its behavior, this button must follow the prerogatives of point 1 or point 2.


When an online appointment scheduling tool such as Calendly, Bookeo, Office 365 Bookings, etc. already exists on the site.

We recommend using our tool for initial contact and therefore addressing these online appointment scheduling tools:

  • By email after reviewing and accepting the litigant’s request.
  • Possibly in a space reserved for already existing clients.


If no means of contact is in place on the site.

The implementation of the Symplicy intelligent form requires at least a level 1 contact button directing to our tool. This button can be placed in the main navigation of the site and should not be competed with by other contact tools to ensure a good user experience.

It will be the responsibility of the agency to integrate this button in the best possible way, so we recommend duplicating this level 1 button to place it in several strategic locations on the site (on detail pages, in various parts of the homepage if it contains multiple sections, in the pages describing the lawyers’ skills, etc.).